Innovation Consulting

To implement and establish innovation processes to move ideas into products. To make better decisions at the right time allowing your organization to invest resources in the right concepts, killing bad projects earlier in the life cycle.

KPI Implementation

To establish the processes to measure performance. To identify the most suitable key performance indicators aligned to your organization objectives. To empower your human capital to perform better and feel better about their jobs.

Business Intelligence

To implement the tools to gather and publish relevant data to facilitate your decision making processes. To choose the best visualization tools to make the decision process as attractive as effective.



Innovation Success Management SinnplySM
A software product to manage performance for any process. SinnplySM features allow your organization to manage the performance and interaction of your processes. SinnplySM provides the features to associate your processes to parallel workflows that support the measurements to key indicators and support task owners to deliver to quality and time.
The modules are:
• Workflow Management
• KPI Module
• Scoring Models
• What-if Scenarios
• Monitoring Module
• Portfolio Module

Market Introduction Management
This software solution helps organization to manage the process to introduce products or services to the market. The solution allows all stakeholders to participate on effective processes to bring your value products and services to the market in a predictable way.
Features and Modules:
• Product Planning
• Market Product Subscription
• Samples Management
• Training and Demos
• Marketing and Collateral
• Sales Forecasting
• Product Budgeting
• KPI Module
• What-if Scenarios




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